Shipwrecked with the Billionaire is out now, 99 cents!

A little while ago, I asked you guys if you’d consider reading a romance from me that wasn’t a He Wanted Me Pregnant. The response was an overwhelming “yes,” which gave me the confidence to write this. It’s by far the longest story I’ve written at 47,000 words. If you like HWMP I think you’ll like this too, but for all of you who were asking me to do something longer: here it is! 🙂

Shipwrecked with the Billionaire Rock Star

In The Series
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47,000 words, female point of view, romantic comedy with steamy scenes

Adam Sykes, bad boy singer with the rock band Iron Hammer, loves to party. When his latest escapade ends in arrest, he’s packed off by his manager to a private yacht to lay low.

Fiery ship’s chef Hannah is proud of her curvy body…and she has a tongue as sharp as her knives. She has no time for arrogant rock stars, even when they’re billionaires. So when Adam makes a pass at her, she rejects him.

Now he’s fascinated.

When the yacht is caught in a storm, the pair are stranded on a desert island and must rely on each other to survive. As the days pass, the friction between them threatens to ignite into lust…but Hannah’s been hurt before. Can she learn to trust a man with Adam’s reputation? Can he prove he’s changed?

As they battle to control their feelings, new dangers emerge. Even if they can escape the island, their problems may be just beginning…