Out Today: The Curvy Architect and the Gardener

I’m really excited about this one. Early reviews suggest you like it 🙂

Given that most of us are shivering IRL at the moment I thought it might be good to do a hot setting instead of another snowy Wyoming book. So pour yourself some homemade lemonade and come with me to Alabama 🙂


Cover of "The Curvy Architect and the Gardener" by Victoria Wessex

The Curvy Architect and the Gardener

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She’s a long way from New York…
Doing up a mansion in Alabama sounded easy. But curvy girl Kara finds there are holes in the roof, a jungle outside and wildlife living in the cupboards. The only upside is the muscled, shirtless gardener who leaves her breathless…but he wouldn’t be interested in a big girl like her…right?

He’s out of his depth…
Hank can tame any garden. But can he figure out this fancy New Yorker who he can barely keep his hands off…and who can’t see the beauty in her delicious curves?

As Kara tries to adjust to a town full of big skirts and homemade lemonade, Hank fights to find a way into her closed-off heart. Temperatures soon rise…but can he convince a city girl to put down roots…and have his children?