Reading Order

New readers to the series sometimes ask, “what order should I read the books in?”

The answer is: it doesn’t matter, because each book is completely self-contained. Sometimes I put in a little reference to a character in a past book (all my books take place in the same world) but you won’t be lost even if you start with the most recent book and work backward.

The exception is: The Lady and the Pirate and The Lady and the Pirate II should be read in that order.

If you want to read them in the order they were written, then here’s a list. Do bear in mind, if you choose to start at the beginning, that the earlier books were much shorter than the later ones. Also, the very first one – The British Nanny and her Billionaire Employer – is heavier on the steam.

He Wanted Me Pregnant!

The order, sub-genre and length of the HWMP books
1The British Nanny and her Billionaire EmployerContemporary8000 words
2The Lawyer and the Outlaw BikerContemporary10,000 words
3The Stewardess and the Billionaire CEOContemporary/BDSM12,000 words
4The Intern and the SenatorContemporary12,000 words
5The Maid and the Billionaire PrinceContemporary12,000 words
6The Cocktail Waitress and the Card SharkContemporary12,500 words
7The Lady and the PirateHistorical22,000 words
8The Nurse and the SoldierContemporary/Military11,500 words
9The Curvy Waitress and the Billionaire French CountContemporary15,000 words
10The Lady and the Pirate II - Faith's StoryHistorical20,000 words
11The Curvy Vet and the Billionaire CowboyContemporary/Western20,000 words
12The Reporter and the Billionaire Scottish Wolf LordContemporary/Shifter16,000 words
13The Curvy Voice Coach and the Billionaire ActorContemporary34,000 words
14The Jewel Thief and the BillionaireContemporary36,000 words
15The Curvy Astronomer and the CowboyContemporary/Western25,000 words
16The Curvy Hairdresser and the British PrinceContemporary22,000 words
17The Curvy Architect and the GardenerContemporary28,000 words