The Curvy Voice Coach and the Billionaire Actor

The Curvy Voice Coach and the Billionaire Actor - Behind The Scenes - Spoilers may follow





After “The Curvy Vet,” I was receiving more requests for curvy heroines. I liked the idea of reverse Pygmalion, with a woman smoothing off a man’s rough edges (while still leaving him just rough enough) and Brits colliding with Americans is always fun to write, especially since I’m a Brit (I do drink tea…although not quite as much as Charlotte). I actually really like writing British characters in America for some reason (I last did it way back in my first HWMP, The British Nanny and her Billionaire Employer).

It turned into the longest HWMP to date – 34,000 words. I also adopted a new cover style with this one.

Characters from three other stories I’ve written get a mention or a cameo – can you spot them all? 😀